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"Cathrin Pfeifer kept the promise she made four years ago with her first CD. Hers is a kind of music that will always be something special." Jazzthetik

"... Cathrin Pfeifer bewitched her audience with a performance of astonishing versatility, alternating between cheerfulness and contemplation, nonchalance and pride, dance and poetry ..." Saarbrücker Zeitung

"... and Topo Gioia is by far more than a mere accompanist of the graduate accordionist Cathrin Pfeifer, who plays her instrument not only with overwhelming virtuosity, but highly sensitively as well ..." Wetterauer Zeitung

"... She seemed to leave traditional and cultural bounds behind ...didn't allow herself to get restricted to one style, refused to be stashed into one of the usual mainstream pigeonholes ... Song titles and sounds alone brought images to life ... percussionist Topo Gioia seemed to burst with creativity ..." Walsroder Zeitung

"... Most of all the diversity of stylistic elements got more and more impressive ... The amazing thing about the duo was not only their skill and precision, but their global repertoire ... There were two full-blooded musicians playing together, inseparably harmonizing - in spite of their contrasting instruments ... " BNN

"... doing away with bias whatsoever ... Their instruments act like lovers ... ensnare and lie in wait for each other, engage in fiery and melancholie pillow fights ... A perfect match, there's no doubt about it. It doesn't only show in sale numbers of their CD, their live performance is doing its own to make a point ... highly original and fascinating world music ..." Badisches Tageblatt

"Absolutely top of the shelf! Coaxing impossible combinations of sound and delicate nuances out of her instrument, Cathrin Pfeifer leaves the mere listener breathless. Clashing with the skills of percussionist Gioia, this alternately tender or vivacious performance creates a mixture worth both seeing and listening to." Freie Presse

"... A recommendation for lovers of good music keen on experiments ... This duo knew how to convince ist audience with a very lively and furios performance ... none less than 'brillant' ..." Freie Presse

"... An accordion exploding into rhythm ... There is no denying it: you instantly feel captivated and enchanted ... A voodoo mistress of the accordion." Accordeon Magazine (France)

"The love of music is not just tickling in the hearts of these musicians, but in their fingertips as well. Accordion and percussion form a union that one normally wouldn't think of, when these instruments come to mind. Well-rounded interpretations to the last note of each song ... " Freie Presse

"... a very personal music, which is something very special particulary in an era where the endless copying of ideas has become the rule. Thanks to Cathrin Pfeifers sparkling imagination this does not turn in to an introverted or eclectic trip... " Jazzthetik

"... moods between a street carnival and a journey through a tropical rain forrest ..... there's room for cheerful, vivacious exhilaration just as for elegiac and contemplative moments ... the sheer enthusiasm in her playing and her profund use of a multitude of musical colors are truly fascinating ..." Leipziger Volksblatt

"... if this instrument used to have to lead a more shadowy life, then that should change drastically after this lively production hits the market ... a sparkling masterpiece which no CD collection should be without ..." Intermusic

"... roller-coasting rhythmic brilliance ... absolutely no chance of getting bored ... Cathrin Pfeifers virtuoso use of the bass buttons ... the percussionists are equally perfect and imaginative ..." Folk Michel

"... one doesn't need to be a connoisseur of South-American music to realise that an expert is at work here ..." Freie Presse

"... a congenial partnership, which manifests itself in inspiring, exciting rhythms ... after the Argentinian- style introduction everyone was already convinced and delighted by the "musical marriage" of accordion and percussion ..." NNN

" that Russian melancholy, French stylishness and Irish spontaneity, musically transformed, permeate the songs. All this - spiced with hot-blooded pride and served with Latin temperament ... there arises a musical dialogue ... so that is impossible to classify or categorize the songs with conventional labels ..." Freie Presse