Cathrin Pfeifer & Band

"Warmheartedly,with great expertise and variety, this trio weaves folk and jazz elements together to form a unique fresh sound" (Freie Presse)

In the band which includes percussion, bass and guitar or marimba a Latin American influence with all the versatile richness of this continent is unmistakable.

The musicians invite you to participate in a musical adventure, from the depths of the Amazon jungle to the open sandscapes of the desert, from a Brasilian carneval to a New Year party in Cuba, following the trail of Argentinian musicians around the world right to the Seine in Paris, only to finally end up as a frustrated city-dweller in a traffic jam in Germany's capital city!
Besides non-categorized forms, you can find so typical Latin-American rhythms such as Forró, Chamamé, Candombe, Tango, Son, Chá Chá Chá, Chorinho...